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In the beginning of time God walked Adam through the Garden of Eden
and said: "I created all the fruits of the trees and herbs of the field,
and to you They Shall Be for MEAT". Gen 1:19-21

The name of my Cookbook is God's Menu.

So originally we were intended to be Vegetarians. We were to be at Peace with the Animals.

The Nutrition that God puts into fruits and Vegetables are his design to improve and sustain our health.
It is common knowledge that we never eat enough fruits and vegetables. Instead most of society trends
toward grease and meat. Most aging diseases are related to that type of lifestyle. Obesity and disease are
directly related to that.

God's Menu is an arsenal of recipes aquired over the last 25 years of gardening and Healthy Cooking.

My recipes are simple, and backed up by video so that you can actually see the prepration.
My spices and secrets are not in the video, but are in the cookbook. Together the video's and the cookbook will
make you a pro

When I cook for family and friends, they are astonished at the flavor eating healthy can bring.

Do you want to be thin?
Do you want to bring your Cholesterol down?
Do you want to protect your Mind, Body and Heart?

Make a change for Life! The hardest part is Starting.

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